Bylazora, Makedonie

15. ledna 2010 v 7:41 | Petra |  INZERCE
Zdra, tak kdo jste ještě nebyl v Makedonii na výzkumu, zde odkazuji a doporucuji :-)

Dear Friends and Supporters of TFAHR:

The Texas Foundation for Archaeological & Historical Research (TFAHR) is now accepting applications for the 2010 season of excavations and International Field School at Bylazora in the Republic of Macedonia. Information and application forms can be found at - TFAHR - . The deadline for applications is March 15, 2010. All applicants must be at least 18 years of age, and no previous archaeological experience is required.

For the TFAHR team we accept teachers, students and adult volunteers from all walks of life. Our program is unique in that we pay all expenses for room and board, transportation and tools during the work week at the excavation. Participants pay for their transportation to Macedonia, but are not required to pay tuition or other fees. The number of places we have available for our 2010 team will be determined by how much money we are able to raise through private donations. Information about contributing to the Bylazora project can be found at the link given above.

Best regards,

Eulah Matthews and Bill Neidinger


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